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Tree Force offer the following services for trees and hedges at very competitive rates.


From felling a tree in one piece, to bringing a tree down in small pieces, avoiding the risk of damaging neighbouring trees or property.

crown thinning

The crown of a tree, allowing more light to permeate through, reducing crown weight and therefore the tree's resistance to the wind.

crown reduction

Reducing the overall size of the tree while maintaining, and even enhancing, its shape and elegance.

crown raising

By removing lower branches that are either being a nuisance or are not letting the tree show its full potential.

crown renewal

Species vary and some become overly congested with branches, causing the tree to loose vigour and become unhealthy. By maintenance over a number of years one can realise the tree's full splendour.

dead limbing

The removal of dead or dangerous limbs.


A technique that can be used for trees that are either too large for their surroundings or are diseased or damaged so severely that drastic surgery is required. This is usually only undertaken as a last resort.


Hedge trimming / pruning important not only to benefit your hedge but also the surrounding property. A good hedge management plan can make a big difference to the life of a hedge.

stump removal / stump grinding

After the removal of a tree there is the question of what to do with the remaining stump? Make a feature out of it? Cut it down to ground level or grind the stump out and back fill the resultant hole to reseed? These are all questions for the owner to finally decide but Tree Force can be the means to the end.

residues / waste materials

Felling and surgery are basically only half the operation, disposing of the timber and brash is also a big operation. For large mill wood a buyer may be sought but for the limbs and brash a wood chipper may be required to reduce the waste to a manageable commodity, whether it be for composting on site or being removed to be disposed of, off site.(Composting chipped material is strongly advised to control the spread of disease.)

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